16 February 2019

Review: Viva (2007)

A suburban housewife in 1972 goes out to find herself in the middle of the Playboy-era sexual revolution, in a tribute to vintage sexploitation films.

Written, directed by and starring Anna Biller (also responsible for 2016's award winning The Love Witch), Viva is a visually dazzling reworking old sexploitation movies from the 60's and early 70's, from a female perspective.

Drawing on films such as Herschell Gordon Lewis’ Suburban Roulette (1968) and Radley Metzger’s Camille 2000 (1969) among others, Viva follows bored housewife Barbi as she sets out on a series of adventures taking in such delights as nudist camps, orgies, bisexuality, sadism, drugs, and bohemia.

A stunning example of stylisation and attention to detail the film won several awards including Best Style in a film from the Moscow Film Festival (Vogue Magazine), Best Director (Atlanta Underground Film Festival), Audience Choice Award Best Narrative Feature (Cinekink Film Festival) and the Kodak Independent Spirit Award (Tromadance Film Festival).

If Seventies Sexploitation is one of your guilty pleasures, then this 21st century take on them is well worth checking out.
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