11 May 2019

The Video Nasties: Absurd (1981)

Joe D'Amato's Absurd is often viewed as an unofficial sequel to his earlier Anthropophagous The Beast (1980). George Eastman is cast as a Greek psychopath who is able to regenerate damaged body cells having been involved in a mysterious accident at a research laboratory making him virtually indestructible.

There is plenty of gore on offer as Eastman kills anyone unfortunate enough to cross his path using any implements to hand - power drills, electric saws, even a good old domestic oven in one long lingering scene.

In hot pursuit are the almost obligatory retired detective and mumbo-jumbo spouting priest. However Eastman is eventually undone by a blow to the 'cereberal mass' from a large medieval looking axe (featured prominently on the sleeve of the original Medusa VHS release) wielded by a young girl who has spent most of the film in traction but suddenly seems to be able to run around quite happily.

Absurd is probably the most appropriate title this film could be given, but it is certainly one of the more entertaining nasties thanks to the ever watchable Eastman and some great cinematography (particularly in the night time scenes).

Absurd is available uncut from 88 Films as part of The Italian Collection.
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