8 June 2019

The Video Nasties: Anthropophagous The Beast (1980)

One of over 200 films directed by prolific Italian sleaze-master Joe D'Amato, Anthropophagous The Beast sits neatly along side its unofficial sequel Absurd (1981) on the DPP39 list.

"A deserted beach. A bloodcurdling scream. A decapitated head. So ends another tourist's holiday. So begins Anthropophagous The Beast as it gallops through shock after bloody shock. Probably one of the most frightening films you will ever see, it will leave you wondering if deep inside us all, there may lurk the cannibal. Watch it, if you dare!"

A group of friends (including Tisa "Sister of Mia" Farrow) on a greek island are terrorised by a cannibal who lives in the caves by the beach. The premise of the film is as simple as that. Anthropophagous The Beast  found itself on the nasties list primarily due to the sequence in which a pregnant woman is strangled prior to the beast devouring the foetus of her unborn child, very tasteless stuff, and other general scenes of cannibalism (a topic which seems to have particularly upset the DPP).

However alongside the gore there are some very effective moments here, particularly the sequence in which a traumatised blind girl is introduced suddenly emerging from a barrel of red wine wielding a knife. The film also has quite a disconcerting atmosphere, helped by a great soundtrack.

Anthropophagous The Beast is available uncut from 88 Films as part of The Italian Collection.
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