1 June 2019

The Video Nasties: The Beast In Heat (1977)

The Beast In Heat is one of the more notorious nasties to appear on the DPP list. The film is pretty ineptly put together, obviously having been compiled using footage from another film to pad it out (in this case director Luigi Batzella's 1970 World War II effort, When The Bell Tolls).

The film was obviously made in an attempt to cash in on the success of Canadian Don Edmonds' Ilsa, She Wolf Of The SS (1974), itself churned out to cash in on the success of US softcore nasty Love Camp 7 (1969). The plot of The Beast In Heat concerns SS officer/doctor Ellen Kratsch (Macha Magall) a sadist who creates a dwarfish mutant half man/half beast which she feeds on a steady diet of aphrodisiacs and girls from the local village where there is an active partisan resistance. All the typical Nazisploitation staples are here: electrocution, fingernail ripping, bloodthirsty rats (or in this case cuddly looking guinea pigs) and other assorted atrocities. Of course the whole sleazy enterprise ends with the partisans storming the Nazi stronghold and Dr. Kratsch ending up in the cage with the titular (certainly not titillating) beast.

The Beast In Heat is a perfect example of how the whole video nasties furore made really badly made films highly desirable collectors items, when really they would have eventually sank into obscurity of their own accord.

If you enjoy tasteless, badly dubbed, badly acted, badly edited, badly scripted films with really unconvincing gore effects the by all means seek out The Beast In Heat (it is readily available in the US under one of its many alternative titles SS Hell Camp). Otherwise avoid.

Unsuprisingly, The Beast In Heat remains banned in the UK.
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